Hiroshi Kawano
rev. 2011.8.26.

Papers in English
codeTitle media year
201the aesthetics for computer art bit international No.2 pp.19-28 1968
202Computer-aided Aesthetics as Simulation of Art 7th Int'l Congress of Aesthetics, Bucharest 1972
203Aesthetics in Computer Science 13th Int'l Congress of Aesthetics, Lahti, Finland 1995
204Inverted Metaphor and Folk Aesthetics Memoirs of TMIT vol.12 pp.139-150 1998.9
205Ostension and Creation of Artwork
-Asian Seeds in Postmodern Aesthetics-
15th Int'l Congress of Aesthetics, Makuhari, Japan 2001
206Analysis of Information Processing of Art Psychologia vol.15 pp.156-166 1972
207PDL Processor for Picture Production ICCH/1, 1st Int'l Conference on Computers and the Humanities, Univ of Minnesota 1973
208Markov Process Theory of Picture ICCH/2, 2nd Int'l Conferene on Computers and the Humanities, Univ of Southern California 1975
209Image Transformation and AestheticsACM SIGGRAPH'85 Panel "Aesthetics of Computer Graphics" 1985
210Doraemon as an artistic image processor Visual Computer vol.2 pp.195-203 1986
211Living in an Alien Society FRIEND21 workshop 1989.9.7
212A New Method in Scientific AestheticsSemiosis 59/60 pp.31-62 1990
213Metaphor for Human Interface Next Generation Human Interface Architecture Workshop 1990
214Folk Aesthetics on Computer Metaphor Semiosis 83/84 pp.67-80
Shenzen Int'l Aesthetics and Aethetic Education Conference
215Folk Aesthetics as a Postmodern Paradigm 20th Century Art, Int'l Conference, St. Petersburg, Russia 1999
216Locality of Artistic Creation Int'l Conference on Aesthetics and Art Education pp.1-6 2002
217Computer Art and Picture Language(Zagreb colloquy) Memoirs of MCAT vol.11 pp.97-101 1972
218The Design of Conversational PCS Memoirs of MCT vol.2 pp.17-140 1974
219Tanka Generation by Bottom-up ATN Memoirs of MCT vol.9 pp.175-191 1981
220Doraemon as a pragmatic Processor Memoirs of MCT vol.10 pp.173-183
10th Anniversary Special Issue
221The Art of PERSON
-For Anthropomorphization of the LOGO Turtle-
Memoirs of MCT vol.12 pp.191-207 1984.3
222Mind as the Monad Society without GodMemoirs of MCT vol.13 pp.217-227 1985.3
223Image Transformation and Aethetics Memoirs of MCT vol.14 pp.79-82 1986
224Imaging by the Society of Mind Memoirs of MCT vol.14 pp.83-88 1986
225Empathetic society of mind for abnormal text Language of design vol.1 pp.27-36 1992
226Mind of Computer
- From the Chinese Room to the Society of Mind
Memoirs of TMIT vol.2 pp.117-126 1988.3
227A New Method of Scientific Aesthetics (1) Memoirs of TMIT vol.3 pp.105-117 1989.3
228A New Method of Scientific Aesthetics (2) Memoirs of TMIT vol.3S pp.37-51 1989.10
229Democracy in Computer Memoirs of TMIT vol.3S pp.53-58 1989.10
230The Markov Model of Art Memoirs of TMIT vol.3S pp.59-66 1989.10
231Folk Aesthetics and Computing Pluralism European Journal for Semiotic Studies v10n3 pp.483-492 1998
232Artist's comment on Red treeLES CAHIERS SESA No.5, p.12 1973.10
233Artist's comment Computer Graphics and Art vol.1 no.2, p.12 1976.5
MCAT: Tokyo Metropolitan College of Air-Technology
 MCT: The Metropolitan College of Technology
TMIT: Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Technology