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Compiled by Yoshiyuki Abe
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personal history
academic interests
0--: Papers published in Japanese 2--: Papers published in English 3--: Books
Books(omnibus editions)
40-: Programming - Design
42-: Programming - Music 43-: Programming - Memo 44-: CBA(Computer Base Art) 5--: Simulated Color Mosaic
6--: Zagreb 7--: Markov Pattern programming 8--: Image Works 9--: Art works

Brief Sketch of Personal History
1925  born in Fushun, China
1951  graduated from the department of philosophy, the University of Tokyo
specialty: aesthetics
1951-1955  graduate school, the University of Tokyo
major: philosophy of science
1955-1961  Assistant Professor at the University of Tokyo
1961-1972  Lecturer, Associate Professor(1965), Professor(1971) at the Tokyo Metropolitan College of Air-Technology
1971-1988  Professor, the Metropolitan College of Technology, Tokyo
1986-1990  Professor, the Metroploitan Institute of Technology
1990-1994  Professor, the Nagano University
1994-1996  Professor, the Tohoku University of Art and Design
1997-2001  Visiting Professor, Tama Art University
1995-2006  Lecturer, the Department of Philosophy, Nihon University
1990- Professor Emeritus of the Metropolitan Institute of Technology
1996- Professor Emeritus of the Tohoku University of Art and Design
1986  Ph.D from the Osaka University
18.12.2012  died in Kobe, Japan

Brief History of Research and Experiment
Semiotic Aesthetics
      S.Langer, Ch.Morris
1960s Analytic Aesthetics
Informational Aesthetics
      M.Bense, A.Moles, L.Meyer and others
Computer Art Experiments
      Markov chain picture production
      Tanka (Japanese 31 letter poem) production
      -- by Markov chain and generative grammer --
Picture production by PDL (Picture Descriptive Language)
Music composition and performance experiments
Theoretical Researches for Post Markov model
      Chomsky's Generative Grammer and PDL
      Artificial Intelligence
1980s Theoretical Researches for Post AI
      The Society of Mind Theory    M.Minsky, S.Papert and others
      The Frame Theory    semantic and pragmatic
      KSOM (Kawano Society of Mind) by LOGO
      DORAEMON   - Pragmatic Frame Programming -
1990s Theoretical Research
      from sequencial to parallel computation
      folk theory for post-computational aesthetics
2000s New Paradigm for Art Revolution
      -- parallel distributed processing    aesthesis and art
Physical and Mathematical Foundation to the New Aesthetics

PAPERS published in Japanese (incl. magazine articles)
codeTitle Journalyear file[pp]
001Inquiry into Intuitionism around Kant and HegelBigaku(Aesthetics) v5n3 pp.38-46 1954 pdf[ 5]
002Max Rieser: The Semantic Theory of Art in America Bigaku v7n3 pp.72-75 1956 pdf[ 4]
003S.K.Langer: Semantic Theory of Art Bigaku v10n3 pp.57-60 1959.12.30 pdf[ 4]
004On the Aesthetics Symposium at Annual Meeting of American Philosophical AssociationBigaku v10n4 pp.58-64 1960.3.31 pdf[ 7]
005Trend of Art Semiotics in the USA - C. Morris and A. KaplanBigaku v11n2 pp.61-64 1960 pdf[ 4]
006Richard F. Kuhns Jr.: Art Structures Bigaku v12n2 pp.65-68 1961.9.30 pdf[ 4]
007On Definition of Aesthetic Terms <abstract> Bigaku v13n3 pp.4-7 1962.12.30 pdf[ 4]
008What is Design? <abstract> Bigaku v17n3 pp.59-62 1966.12.31 pdf[ 4]
009Problems of Value in Information Aesthetics <abstract> Bigaku #69 v18n1 pp.22-32 1967.6.30 pdf[ 7]
010Finiteness of Art and its Linguistic model <abstract> Bigaku v26n1 pp.21-31 1975.6.30 pdf[11]
011Conception of Folk Aesthetics (Report of the 48th National Congress of Aesthetics)Bigaku v48n3 p.38 1997.12.31 pdf[ 1]
012About Zofia Lisa's "Fragender Musikaesthetik"Tsukue(Desk) v7n2 pp.24-27 1956.2 pdf[ 4]
013Aesthetic Trend of Recent SemanticsTsukue v11n2 pp.24-27 1960 pdf[ 4]
014New Development of Artistic SemioticsRisou(Ideal) #345 pp.63-77 1962.1 pdf[15]
015New Trend of Semiotic AestheticsRisou #370 pp.44-47 1964.3 pdf[ 4]
016Aesthetics of Mass Art and Information TheoryRisou #373 pp.63-76 1964.6 pdf[14]
017Art and Machine (The Theory of Man Machine)Risou #421 pp.33-43 1968.6
018Computer and DesignIBM REVIEW No.6 pp.53-57 1964.9 pdf[ 7]
019Design-simulation by computer11th Japanese Society for the Science and Design meeting, Abstract pp.8-11 1964 pdf[ 3]
020Computer generated design Kagaku Yomiuri 1964.11. pp.21-27 1964 pdf[ 7]
021Art engineering and ArtcracyDisplay 1965.2. pp.26-29 1965 pdf[ 4]
022Stochastic art and Electronic computer Japan Display 1965.6. pp.28-33 1965 pdf[ 6]
023Design by ComputerOKITAC Study Society Vol.2 No.2 pp.1-10 1965.5.24 pdf[ 6]
024Possibility of Computer ArtAsahi Journal v7n41 pp.96-102 1965.10.3 pdf[ 7]
025Mimesis and Creation in the ArtPhilharmony v38n3 pp.2-10 1966.3 pdf[10]
026Reflection Theory in AesthticsNihon Univ. The Art Science #12 pp.1-12 1966 pdf[ 8]
027Computer Art - Now and Then -Shizen(Nature) 1967.4. pp.54-63 1967 pdf[ 7]
028Papert and LOGO - mediator between science and sensibilityShizen v38n5 pp.36-43 1983
029Design Creation by using a computerJapan Printer #50 pp.33-38 1967 pdf[ 6]
030Computer FuturologyCOMPUTOPIA 1967.12. pp.43-51 1967 pdf[ 9]
031Semiotics and Information TheoryOngaku Geijutsu 1967.10. v25n10 pp.28-31 1967 pdf[ 2]
032The World of semiotic-aestheticsDesign Review #9 pp.35-41 1969.6 pdf[ 6]
033The information analysis of musical communicationOngakugaku(Musicology) v.15 pp.1-21
Journal of the Musicological Society of Japan
034Intention and Performance Annals of Ethics #19 pp.103-114 1970
035Computer Art Graphic Design #41 pp.31-42 1971.3.20 pdf[13]
036Musical computing systemIPSJ(Information Processing Society of Japan) Programming symposium (12 pages) 1976
037Composing formal TANKA by Semiotic ATNIPSJ General meeting pp.831-832 1980 pdf[ 2]
038Computer as an artificial musicianIPSJ Computer and Music symposium pp.41-50 1984.7
039The theory of anti-interfaceStudia semiotica v.7, pp.37-41
the journal of the Japanese association for semiotic studies
040Information Theory of Music IPSJ magazine v29n6 pp.539-548
Journal of Information Processing Society of Japan
1988.6.15 pdf[10]
041Computer and MusicIPSJ magazine v29n6 pp.613-622 1988.6.15pdf[10]
042Individual - Components of Postmodern ArtMusashino Bijutsu(Musashino art) #078 pp.
Musashino Art University
043Notes on "Dance as cross-cultural experience"46th Aesthetics general meeting, workshop(ed. Kenichi Sasaki) pp.221-225 1996
044Context theory in Analytic AestheticsTetsugakuZasshi(Philosophy magazine) #748 pp.87-95 1961.9.30 pdf[ 6]
045Computer and ManTetsugaku(philosophy) v15 pp.158-160
Journal of The Philosophical Association of Japan
1965 pdf[ 3]
046New thoery of ideaTetsugaku v26 pp.85-86 1976.5
047Experimental Designs under Monte Carlo methodScience and Philosophy(ed.Kunihiko Yamada) 1964.6
048Logic of art simulationPhilosophy of Science Society general meeting 1965
049Computer and Language9th Philosophy of Science general meeting 1965 pdf[ 1]
050Abstract information and Concrete information in the World of SignsPhilosophy of science v1 pp.71-82
Journal of Philosophy of science Society, Japan
1968.10 pdf[12]
051Machines learn and understand Language - Markov Destination and AutomatonPhilosophy of science v7 pp.15-25 1974.11 pdf[11]
052Mechanism of nonverbal communication - a pragmatics in linguistic processPhilosophy of science v12 pp.29-43 1979 pdf[15]
053Mechanism of living knowledge - the philosophy of science attached with cognitive sciencePhilosophy of science v15 pp.15-30 1982 pdf[16]
054Cognitive Science and PhilosophyPhilosophy of science v16 pp.1-4 1983 pdf[ 4]
055Hermeneutics of deviated expressionsPhilosophy of science v19 pp.43-60 1986 pdf[18]
056Mind of Computer - from "Chinese Room" to "the Society of Mind"Philosophy of science v20 pp.15-30 1987 pdf[16]
057Image of alien world - its expression and understandingPhilosophy of science v24 pp.1-16 1991 pdf[16]
058Meaning and IntentionPhilosophy of science v32n1 pp.1-14 1999 pdf[14]
059Freedom and Law - from the viewpoint of Informatic MachineStudies of Philosophy of Science v9n2 pp.34-39
Japan Association for Philosophy of Science
1969.3 pdf[ 6]
060Expectation and suggestion in understanding - an abduction systemStudies of Philosophy of Science v16n1/2 pp.83-89 1982.12 pdf[ 7]
061Art as an information processing technologyShisou(Thought) No.551 pp.68-81 1970.5
062The logic of image processingStudies of Broadcasting v.24 pp.97-126 1972.3
063Informatic sketch of the imaging theoryMathematical Sciences v15n3 pp.9-13 1977.3
064Transfiguration of Knowledge - the use of FrameMathematical Sciences v21n6 pp.66-72 1983.6
065Human picturing programs - LOGO, Smalltalk and just a fantasyMathematical Sciences v21n12 pp.46-51 1983.12
066The mechanism of artistic symbolsMathematical Sciences v23n6 pp.53-59 1985.6
067Aesthetics in Artificial Intelligence Mathematical Sciences v25n6 pp.18-26 1987.6
068Innovation of BeautyMathematical Sciences v27n1 No.307 pp.5-11 1989.1
069Aesthetics in Computer GraphicsImage technology and engineering No.7 pp.2-8 1986 pdf[ 7]
070Philosophical Approaches to Cognitive Science Journal of Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence
v3n2 pp.178-185
1988.3.20 CiNii
071Post-semiology of Body expressionJournal of health, physical educaton and recreation v39n1 pp.21-24 1989.1
072Possibility of Computer ArtsComputerToday No.34 pp.64-69 1989.11 pdf[ 7]
073Information Aesthetics, CTG and Computer Graphics AnimationNICOGRAPH news No.20 pp.6-7 1990.7 pdf[ 3]
074Inverse-Metaphor and Folk AestheticsGeneral research project report on the East Asian cultures -1- pp.132-141 1997
075View of 'Quit Europe and Join Asia'General research project report on the East Asian cultures -2- pp.127-139 2001
076Consciousness-Only Theory and Quantum TheoryGeneral research project report on the East Asian cultures -3- pp.150-174 2004
077A New Construction of Folk AestheticsEthno-arts pp.148-155 1998.4
078A comment to Yoshida's "Paradigm shift of Modern Science"IIAS report 1998-012 pp.47-50
International Institute for Advanced Studies
079What is Computer Art?20th Century Computer Art: Beginnings and Developments pp.6-10
080Natural dialectics of reality collapse Journal of logical philosophy v5 pp.7-17 2007 pdf[11]
081Prof. Nagai's philosophy of science in my viewJournal of logical philosophy v5 pp.57-59 2007 pdf[ 3]
082An Inquiry into Aesthetic Information TheoryMTMC(Memoirs of Tokyo Metropolitan College of Air Technology) #1 pp.77-85
1962 pdf[ 6]
083Linguistic Analysis and Information TheoryMTMC #2 pp.85-96 1963 pdf[ 8]
084Experimental Design under Monte Carlo methodMTMC #3 pp.75-91 1964 pdf[17]
085Experimental design under Monte Carlo method IIMTMC #4 pp.83-98 1965.1.10 pdf[10]
086Informational analysis of Response in musical experienceMTMC #5 pp.171-188 1966 pdf[11]
087Formation of Early Romanesque style in the Reichenau SchoolMTMC #5 pp.189-199 1966 pdf[ 7]
088Generative free image making by using computerMTMC #6 pp.97-103 1967 pdf[ 5]
089The analysis and generation of TANKA (Japanese 31 syllable poem)MTMC #6 pp.105-114 1967 pdf[ 7]
090Informational analysis of Response in musical experience IIMTMC #7 pp.67-76 1968.3
091The analysis of picture surprisalMTMC #8 pp.67-76 (63-75?) 1969.3
092The analysis of picture surprisal 2MTMC #9+10 pp.23-45 1971
093The analysis of semantic information in learning process of K systemMTMC #9+10 pp.47-58 1971
094The design of Markov-chain picture languageMTMC #11 pp.61-86 1972
095PDL Picture processing algorithmMMCT(Memoirs of The Metropolitan College of Technology) v1 pp.127-136
096Dynamic picture design system in extended PDLMMCT v3 pp.123-146 1975.3
097Analysis-Composition-Performance System of Music ComputerMMCT v4 pp.105-118 1976.3 pdf[ 8]
098PDL picture processor in LISPMMCT v5 pp.193-214 1977.3
099Intelligent Musical Performance by MicrocomputerMMCT v6 pp.101-120 1978.3 pdf[11]
100Generation of TANKA by ATN embedded with Semantic controlMMCT v8 pp.149-171 1980.3 pdf[13]
101The Music Computer with Hierarchical list StructureMMCT v11 pp.251-273 1983.3 pdf[13]
102SHIROURURI - a Metaphor as Parallel-Distributed Expression Academic Bulletin of Nagano University v13n2/3 pp.117-133 1991.12
103From Expression to Construction - interaction among individuals and emergence of the wholeAcademic Bulletin of Nagano University v15n1 pp.69-93 1993.6
104Narrative and Schematized AspectsMTMIT(Memoirs of Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Technology) v11 pp.239-251 1997.3
105The self of FUTAOMOTE(dual faces) - Agent and AgencyMTMIT v12 pp.165-176 1998.9
106Quotation and CommentMTMIT v12 pp.151-164 1998.9
107Japanese Art and JOMON spirit(1) JOMON Renaissance and NohMTMIT v13 pp.163-169 1999.11
108Japanese Art and JOMON spirit(2) Tea, Haikai and Japanese paradigmMTMIT v13 pp.171-178 1999.11
109Meditations on Aesthetic ComputationMTMIT v13 pp.179-186 1999.11
110Meditations on Aesthetic Computation(02) MTMIT v14 pp.173-179 2000.11
111Meditations on Aesthetic Computation(03)MTMIT v14 pp.181-188 2000.11
112Meditations on Aesthetic Computation(04)MTMIT v15 pp.171-178 2001.11
113Meditations on Aesthetic Computation(05)MTMIT v15 pp.179-185 2001.11
114Meditations on Aesthetic Computation(06)MTMIT v15 pp.187-194 2001.11
115Meditations on Aesthetic Computation(07)MTMIT v16 pp.147-152 2002.11
116Meditations on Aesthetic Computation(08)MTMIT v16 pp.153-158 2002.11
117Meditations on Aesthetic Computation(09)MTMIT v16 pp.159-164 2002.11
118Meditations on Aesthetic Computation(10)MTMIT v17 pp.183-189 2003.11
119Meditations on Aesthetic Computation(11)MTMIT v17 pp.191-197 2003.11
120Meditations on Aesthetic Computation(12)MTMIT v17 pp.199-205 2003.11
121Meditations on Aesthetic Computation(13)MTMIT v18 pp.203-208 2004.11
122Meditations on Aesthetic Computation(14)MTMIT v18 pp.209-214 2004.11
123Meditations on Aesthetic Computation(15)MTMIT v18 pp.215-220 2004.11
124Meditations on Aesthetic Computation(16)MTMIT v18 pp.221-227 2004.11
125Meditations on Aesthetic Computation(17)MTMIT v19 pp.157-162 2006.1
126Meditations on Aesthetic Computation(18)MTMIT v19 pp.163-169 2006.1
127Meditations on Aesthetic Computation(19)MTMIT v19 pp.171-177 2006.1
128Meditations on Aesthetic Computation(20)MTMIT v19 pp.179-185 2006.1
     (Papers [109]..[128] are reprinted in Book [309])
129The theory of Reduction - the structure of Reality Collapse and Emergent ConsciousnessBulletin of the Cultural Research Institute vol.36 pp.23-48 2005.3
130How computer arts are produced?Kindai_keiei(Management today) v15 n11 pp.74-77 1970.9 pdf[ 4]
131Possibility of Computer's ArtMugendai(Infinity), IBM Japan No.13 pp.16-19 1972.12 pdf[ 6]
132Computer Art Exhibition reviewDesign pp.29-44 1970.10 pdf[10]
133Computer graphics (coauthor)Graphic Design pp.37-54 Japanese/English 1969.3 pdf[23]
134Double righteousness of the information11th Philosophy of Science general meeting 1967
1351st Computer art contestComputopia 1968.4 pp.57-63 1968 pdf[ 7]
136Computer artistComputopia - special issue Computer art in perspective pp.66-73 1973

PAPERS published in English (incl. magazine articles)
codeTitle Journal year file[pp]
133Computer graphics (coauthor)Graphic Design pp.37-54 Japanese/English 1969.3 pdf[23]
201the aesthetics for computer art bit international No.2 pp.19-28 1968 pdf[ 6]
202Computer-aided Aesthetics as Simulation of Art 7th Int'l Congress of Aesthetics, Bucharest 1972
203Aesthetics in Computer Science 13th Int'l Congress of Aesthetics, Lahti, Finland 1995pdf[ 6]
204Inverted Metaphor and Folk Aesthetics 2nd East Asian Int'l Semiotic Seminar, Shanghai, China
14th Int'l Congress of Aesthetics, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Memoirs of TMIT vol.12 pp.139-150

pdf[ 8]
205Ostension and Creation of Artwork
-Asian Seeds in Postmodern Aesthetics-
15th Int'l Congress of Aesthetics, Makuhari, Japan 2001
206Analysis of Information Processing of Art Psychologia vol.15 pp.156-166 1972 pdf[ 6]
207PDL Processor for Picture Production ICCH/1, 1st Int'l Conference on Computers and the Humanities, Univ of Minnesota 1973
208Markov Process Theory of Picture ICCH/2, 2nd Int'l Conferene on Computers and the Humanities, Univ of Southern California 1975 pdf[12]
209Image Transformation and AestheticsACM SIGGRAPH'85 Panel "Aesthetics of Computer Graphics" 1985
210Doraemon as an artistic image processor Visual Computer vol.2 pp.195-203 1986 pdf[ 9]
211Living in an Alien Society FRIEND21 workshop 1989.9.7 pdf[ 9]
212A New Method in Scientific AestheticsSemiosis 59/60 pp.31-62 1990 pdf[32]
213Metaphor for Human Interface Next Generation Human Interface Architecture Workshop 1990 pdf[ 5]
214Folk Aesthetics on Computer Metaphor Semiosis 83/84 pp.67-80
Shenzen Int'l Aesthetics and Aethetic Education Conference
1995 pdf[14]
215Folk Aesthetics as a Postmodern Paradigm 20th Century Art, Int'l Conference, St. Petersburg, Russia
1st Int'l Conference of Eastern Aesthetics, Huhhot, China
pdf[ 7]
216Locality of Artistic Creation Int'l Conference on Aesthetics and Art Education pp.1-6 2002pdf[ 3]
217Computer Art and Picture Language(Zagreb colloquy) MTMC vol.11 pp.97-101 1972
218The Design of Conversational PCS MMCT vol.2 pp.17-140 1974
219Tanka Generation by Bottom-up ATN MMCT vol.9 pp.175-191 1981
220Doraemon as a pragmatic Processor MMCT vol.10 pp.173-183
10th Anniversary Special Issue
221The Art of PERSON
-For Anthropomorphization of the LOGO Turtle-
MMCT vol.12 pp.191-207 1984.3 pdf[17]
222Mind as the Monad Society without GodMMCT vol.13 pp.217-227 1985.3 pdf[12]
223Image Transformation and Aethetics MMCT vol.14 pp.79-82 1986 pdf[ 4]
224Imaging by the Society of Mind MMCT vol.14 pp.83-88 1986 pdf[ 5]
225Empathetic society of mind for abnormal text MTMIT vol.1 pp.107-127
Language of design vol.1 pp.27-36
226Mind of Computer
- From the Chinese Room to the Society of Mind
MTMIT vol.2 pp.117-126 1988.3 pdf[ 7]
227A New Method of Scientific Aesthetics (1) MTMIT vol.3 pp.105-117 1989.3
228A New Method of Scientific Aesthetics (2) MTMIT vol.3S pp.37-51 1989.10
229Democracy in Computer MTMIT vol.3S pp.53-58 1989.10 pdf[ 5]
230The Markov Model of Art MTMIT vol.3S pp.59-66 1989.10 pdf[ 6]
231Folk Aesthetics and Computing Pluralism MTMIT vol.10 pp.225-230
15th Congress of Int'l Association of Empirical Aesthetics, Rome
European Journal for Semiotic Studies v10n3 pp.483-492
pdf[ 6]

232Artist's comment on Red treeLES CAHIERS SESA No.5, p.12 1973.10 pdf[ 1]
233Artist's comment Computer Graphics and Art vol.1 no.2, p.12 1976.5 pdf[ 1]
MTMC: Memoirs of Tokyo Metropolitan College of Air-Technology
MMCT: Memoirs of The Metropolitan College of Technology
MTMIT: Memoirs of Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Technology

BOOKS (in Japanese)
code Titlepublisher year pages ISBN
301Bigaku(Aesthetics)the Univ of Tokyo Press1967 280
302Communication and ArtHanawashobo1968 271
303Theory of Art InformationShinyosha1972.9386
304Art, Sign and InformationKeisoshobo1982.12 2454-326-19850-8
305Logic of Artthe Waseda Univ Press1983.6 300
306Computer and Aestheticsthe Univ of Tokyo Press1984.12 341978-4130800853
307LOGO PrimerBaifukan1987.3 247978-4563013110
308The Emergence of Network AestheticsToshindo2009.10.30 279978-4887139381
309Materialism - Meditations on Aesthetic Computation (Paper 109..128 and Additions)Librarie-éditeur Ashikaze2009.12.23 430978-4990500306
BOOKS (omnibus editions)
code Title
Book titles in English are not authorized
publisher year pages ISBN
311Logic of Arts and Semiotic Aesthetics
Coauthor: Philosophy in the science age -2- pp.208-229
312Technology and Art
12 points of view to Philosophy(ed. Kojima) pp.253-280
Risosha 1965
313Analytic Aesthetics
Lecture: New trend of aesthetics -3-(ed. Takeuchi) pp.59-128
Bijutsu Shuppan-sha 1966.1 248
314Plastic Arts, Activities and Languages
Pursuing infant education(ed. Suzuki) pp.152-157
Hikari-no-kuni 1966
315Logic of Art
Tetsugaku(Philosophy)(ed. Sawada) pp.198-213
316Ideology and Method of Design Simulation using Computer
Giving consideration to modern design(ed. Hayashi) pp.61-96
Bijutsu Shuppan-sha 1968.4 223
317Translation: Philosophy of Art by Virgil Aldrich(1963)
Foundations of Philosophy Series -10- Introduction, Chapers 1 and 4
Baifukan1968 182
318Information Theory
1.Consciousness of Design and Information Theory in Modern Arts pp.362-364
2.Max Bense's Information Theory pp.365-381
3.New Experimental Aesthetics and Emergence of Computer Art pp.381-384
The essence of modern design theory(ed. M.Katsumi) pp.362-384
Perikansha publishing1969.6 384
319Fallacy of no intention in Art Critic
Coauthor: Sound and meditation pp.134-146
Ongaku no tomo sha1969 578
320Artificial Language and Logic of Computation
Philosophy of Language(ed. Sakamoto) pp.59-94
321Information Theory of Images
Coauthor: New dimension of information culture -3- pp.31-58
322Informatics of Images
Modern education and Informatics(ed. Oshima) pp.159-179
Dai-ichi Hoki 1975
323Space and Time in Arts
Coauthor: Space and Time pp.155-190
Shoukokusha1975 3614-395-28012-9
324What is Computer Art?(in English)
Artist and Computer(ed. Ruth Leavitt) pp.112-113
Harmony Books1976.6 1210-517-527359
325Study of Artificial Language: Computer Language and Artificial Intelligence
Coauthor: Modern Philosophy -3- pp.175-252
Kobundo1977.10 426
326History of Japanese Ideology and Science of Art
Coauthor: History of Japanese Ideology -2- pp.125-136
327Art as Semiotic Process pp.2-18
Cybernetics of Art pp.48-65
Coauthor: Art as Symbol
Keisoshobo1982.7 3114-326-14812-8
328Informatics of Production
Coauthor: Industrial Design -1- pp.93-123
Japan Publication Service1983
329Experimental Aesthetics
Bigaku(Aesthetics) -3- (ed. Imamichi) pp.143-175
the Univ of Tokyo Press1984.9 336978-4130150330
330Science, Technology and Arts:
Bigaku -5- (ed. Imamichi) pp.87-109
the Univ of Tokyo Press1985.5 4054-130-15035-9
331Life Coordinates of Folk Art
Science of Ethno-art(ed. Kimura) pp.52-57
NHK Publishing
1986.11 2474-14-009115-0
332Editorial: Japanese edition of Computations from the English by Robert F. SimmonsBaifukan1991.4 3354-563-00795-1
333Coauthor: Encyclopedia of SemioticsKashiwashobo2002.5 493978-4760121885

Programming - Design
codeitems language date pagesfile
401DESIGN1 program note, memo('EXPERIMENT I' 'SIP') OKISIP 1963.12.18 6pdf
402DESIGN2 program note, memo('update' '5colors' 'line approximation' '12 sections')OKISIP 1964.3.16 14pdf
403work instruction sheet (COMPILE AND EXECUTE: DESIGN3) 1964.3.31 1pdf
404DESIGN3 programOKISIP 8pdf
405DESIGN4 programOKISIP 1964 8pdf
406LPRT (DESIGN5''' program)OKISIP 1pdf
407DESIGN5'' print subroutine OKISIP 11pdf
408DESIGN5' revision to DESIGN5 program note(2), LPRT(3, DESIGN5' program)OKISIP 5pdf
409DESIGN5」 OKISIP 10pdf
410DESIGN6」 OKISIP 11pdf
411DESIGN6''」 program note(10), LPRT (3, DESIGN6'' program codes)OKISIP 13pdf
412punch tape instruction (DESIGN7), LPRT (3, DESIGN7 program), punch tape instruction (DESIGN7'), program note(7,A1-3,B1-4)OKISIP 1969.3.13 12pdf
413LPRT (DESIGN7' program, results, DATA1,2,3 for DESIGN7')OKISIP 1969. 8pdf
414LPRT (DESIGN8 program, DESIGN8' program)OKISIP 5pdf
415DESIGN8 programming draftOKISIP 12pdf
416work instruction sheet (DESIGN9), LPRT (25, program[4], data[5], pattern[16])OKISIP 1967.1.7 26pdf
417work instruction sheet (DESIGN9), LPRT (9, patterns[8], data[1]) 1967.1.1 10pdf
418DESIGN9 LPRT file covers 2pdf
419OKITAC 5090 Simulated Color Mosaic Program」 envelope, LPRT (2, DESIGN9 program)OKISIP 3pdf

Programming - Music
codeitemLanguage date pagesfile
421LPRT (Music Response Analysis 1 program)Algol 1965 3pdf
422LPRT (Music Evaluation Analysis 1)Algol 1965 4pdf
423LPRT (program)Algol 1965 5pdf
424「Music Response 2」 program noteAlgol 1965 4pdf
425「Music Evaluation Analysis 1」 program noteAlgol 1965 3pdf
426「Music Response 1」 program noteAlgol 1965 3pdf
427LPRT (Music Analysis program) Algol 1965 8pdf
428「KH System for Music」 files 1978-1981 88pdf

Programming - Memo
codecontent date pagesfile
431"making ANC" OKISIP programming note 10pdf
432OKISIP programming note 4pdf
433Algol program note (Music) --> [086] Informational analysis of Response in musical experience 196514pdf
434"Initial Set" 1 pdf
435"making 9 digit sequence of 1 and 2" OKISIP programming note, LPRT(1 OKISIP program) 19647pdf
436OKISIP coding memo 4pdf

Computer Based Art seminar    1st 1966.1.31. --- 13th 1967.2.13.
codecontent language date pagesfile
441'TANKA generation program' note FORTRAN 1966 18pdf
442'TANKA-composition programming' note FORTRAN 1966 12pdf
443'Pattern generation by Markov Process Model' draft 1966 1pdf
444'A rule of wording in Tanka composition' in 7th meeting minutes pp.5-7LISP 1966.9.8 5pdf
445'Analysis and composition of Tanka, supplement' blueprintLISP 1966 8pdf
446Minutes of 1st CBA meeting 1966.1.31. 2pdf
447Minutes of 2nd CBA meeting 1966.3.30. 5pdf
448Minutes of 3rd CBA meeting 1966.5.9. 12pdf
449Minutes of 4th CBA meeting 1966.6.6. 10pdf
450Minutes of 5th CBA meeting 1966.7.11. 4pdf
451Minutes of 6th CBA meeting 1966.8.15. 14pdf
452Minutes of 7th CBA meeting 1966.9.8(?). 8pdf
453Minutes of 8th CBA meeting 1966.10.3. 4pdf
454Minutes of 9th CBA meeting 1966.10.8. 2pdf
455Minutes of 10th CBA meeting 1966.11.14. 3pdf
456Minutes of 11th CBA meeting 1966.12.9. 5pdf
457Minutes of 12th CBA meeting 1967.1.16. 4pdf
458Minutes of 13th CBA meeting 1967.2.13. 3pdf
459Design competition rule(draft) 1967 2pdf
460Minutes of Computer Art competition preparatory meeting 1967.7.3. 2pdf

Simulated Color Mosaic [HITAC 8800/8700] TODAI CENTER
codeTitle language date pagesfile
501LPRT No.P00374 (LMN OPQ)FORTRAN 1974.9.25 10pdf
502LPRT No.P00386 (ABCDEFG)FORTRAN 1974.9.25 12pdf
503LPRT No.P00541 (HI)FORTRAN 1974.9.25 6pdf
504LPRT No.P00684 (J)FORTRAN 1974.9.25 5pdf
Simulated Color Mosaic [IBM SYSTEM 360] IBM DATA CENTER
505LPRT result image「A1 ABCDEF」 1974.9.25 18pdf
506LPRT JOB4899 「A2-1 ABCDEFGH LM)FORTRAN IV 1974.9.25 41pdf
507LPRT (ABCDEFHLM coloring) 10pdf
508LPRT result image 「A2-1 ABCDEFG HLM」 1974.9.25 16pdf
509LPRT JOB4913 「A2-2 ABCDEFGH LMN」FORTRAN IV 1974.9.25 42pdf
510LPRT result image 「A2-2 ABCDEF GHLM N」 1974.9.25 18pdf
511LPRT JOB4927 「ABCDEFGH LMNQ」FORTRAN IV 1974.9.25 60pdf
512LPRT JOB5055 「B1 BCD IJ」FORTRAN 1974.9.26 10pdf
513LPRT result image 「B1 BCDIJ」 1974.9.26 18pdf
514LPRT JOB5070 「B2 ABCDEF IJ」 1974.9.26 13pdf
515LPRT result image 「B2 ABCDEF IJ」 1974.9.26 18pdf
516LPRT JOB5087 「B3 ABCDEF HIJ LM」 1974.9.26 17pdf
517LPRT JOB5098 「A3 ABCDEFGH IJ LMN」 1974.9.26 19pdf
518LPRT JOB5109 「IJOPQ」 1974.9.26 11pdf
519LPRT (IJOPQGN coloring) 8pdf
520LPRT result image 「IJOPQ」 1974.9.26 18pdf
521LPRT JOB5133 「A4&B4 ABCDEFGHIJ LMN OPQ」 1974.9.2611pdf
522LPRT result image 「A4&B4 ABCDEFG HIJ LMN」 colored 1974.9.26 18pdf
523LPRT Simulated Color Mosaic output images 8pdf
524LPRT binder cover 「Color Mosaic IBM」 1pdf

code date pagesfile
601 Letter file 「NT Project 4」 1968 - 1971
large envelope 「NT Project 4」(1)
「CATALOGUE OF WORKS for NT4(1969)」(corrected)(1)
postmarked envelopes (12)
Zagreb publication Zagreb -> Kawano Kawano -> Zagreb Misc
1968.8.14 (arr. on 1968.12.2)
1968.9.16 (arr. in mid Nov 1968)
1969.3.1 (draft for 1969.3.3)
1969.3.4 Receipt of registered mail
 PI: Programme Information
602NT4 application files 1968 33pdf
large envelope "NT4 applied files" (1)
application forms [PI-4] (2)
"CATALOGUE OF WORKS for NT4" (1) correction: pdf
Program No.3 codes and subroutines 1966.5.26, 1967.1.11 (10)
Program No.2 codes (2)
Program No.1 codes and subroutines 1967.1.11 (15)
603Int'l Colloquy: Art and computers 71 speaker list
Sound archive is available from the museum of contemporary art, Zagreb.
1971.6.26/27 5pdf
604Int'l Colloquy: Art and computers 71 photo album 1971.6.26/27 1html

codeTitleLanguage Date pagesfile
701 "Markov Pattern 1 program BASIC demo" cover 1pdf
702"Markov Pattern 1" memo 2pdf
703 "Markov Pattern 1" program HRMARK.1   HR: High ResolutionBASIC 1989.2.195pdf
704 "Markov Pattern 1" program HRMARK.2BASIC 1989.2.197pdf
705 "Markov Pattern 1" program HRMARK.2BASIC 1989.2.195pdf
706 "Markov Pattern 1" program HRMARK.3BASIC 1989.2.19 15pdf
707 "Markov Pattern 1" program MARKOV4BASIC 1989.2.19 5pdf
712 "Markov Pattern 1" program HRMARK.6BASIC 1989.5.31 6pdf
713 "Markov Pattern 1" program HRMARK.6BASIC 1989.5.31 6pdf
708 "Markov Pattern 1" program HRMARK.4BASIC 1989.10.27 5pdf
709 "Markov Pattern 1" program HRMARK.6BASIC 1989.10.27 6pdf
710 "Markov Pattern 1" program HRMARK.6BASIC 1989.11.1 6pdf
711 "Markov Pattern 1" program HRMARK.6BASIC 1989.11.1 6pdf
714 "Markov Pattern 1" program HRMARK.6BASIC 1989.11.1 6pdf
715 "Markov Pattern 1" program HRMARK.6BASIC 1989.11.1 6pdf
716 "Markov Pattern 1" program HRMARK.6BASIC 1989.11.1 6pdf
717 "Markov Pattern 1" program HRMARK.7BASIC 1989.11.1 6pdf
718 "Markov Pattern 1" program HRMARK.7BASIC 1989.11.1 6pdf
719 "Markov Pattern 1" program HRMARK.9BASIC 1989.11.1 6pdf
720 "Markov Pattern 1" program HRMARK.9BASIC 1989.11.1 6pdf
721 "Markov Pattern 2" data and trialsPattern images 12pdf
799"Markov Patterns" all:701-721 1989 107pdf

code marginal memoseries of substratesize(mm)yearfile
801(cover) "Work 0" 14in LPR folding paper 1964jpg
802「DESIGN 1, quadruple Markov chain, DATA 1,2,3」 Markov Chain Pattern in B/W white paper/LPR250x3381964jpg
803DESIGN1   1 DESIGN white paper244x3311964jpg
804DESIGN1   3 white paper244x3311964jpg
805DESIGN2 update   D   3-3   DESIGN 1-4   I II III III III (45666)Markov Chain Pattern in 5 Colors white paper241x3511964jpg
806DESIGN2 update   a1   DESIGN 1-2   II II II I I (44455) white paper241x3531964jpg
807DESIGN2   3 white paper248x3261964jpg
808DESIGN2   1   without section paper white paper244x3231964jpg
809(cover)"1,2,3,4 of WORK1" data 1,2,3   5 colors,
        1 22222, 2 11222, 3 11223, 4 12333」
14in LPR folding paper1964jpg
8103-4 b   5 colors   II II II II II (55555)Markov Chain Pattern in 5 Colors white paper/LPR249x3501964jpg
8113-7 a   5 colors   I I II II II (44555) while paper/LPR248x3501964jpg
8123-2 c-d2   DESIGN 1-3   I I II II III (44556) "Kagaku Yomiuri" cover white paper/LPR250x3501964jpg
8133-7 d   5 colors   I II III III III (45666) white paper/LPR250x3501964jpg
814dMarkov Chain Pattern in 5 Colors white paper240x3491964jpg
815 (no caption) white paper241x2561964jpg
816DESIGN7 a white paper247x3351964jpg
817DESIGN4   1 Markov Chain Pattern in B/W white paperA31964jpg
818DESIGN4   2 white paperA31964jpg
819(cover) WORK2-1,2,3   input data A,B,C, black & white 14in LPR folding paper1964jpg
820DESIGN5-1 ABC   DESIGN 2-1 Markov Chain Pattern in B/W white paper/LPR250x3381964jpg
821DESIGN5-2 AAA   DESIGN 2-2 white paper231x2691964jpg
822DESIGN5-3 BBB   DESIGN 2-3 white paper/LPR250x3381964jpg
823DESIGN5-3 BBB white paper235x2691964jpg
824DESIGN5-2 AAA   5-2 white paper/LPR248x3381964jpg
825DESIGN5 DATA A (DES5-2 + s012 + ) Series of Pattern layout section paper297x11121964jpg
826DESIGN5 DATA B (DES5-3 + s013 + ) Series of Pattern layout section trace297x10891964jpg
827(cover) WORK3-1,2,3,4   input data A,B,C, black & white 14in LPR folding paper1964jpg
828D6 ABC   DESIGN 3-1 Markov Chain Pattern in B/W white paper/LPR250x3381964jpg
829D6 CBA   DESIGN 3-2 white paper/LPR248x3381964jpg
830D6 AAA   DESIGN 3-3 white paper/LPR248x3381964jpg
831D6 BBB   DESIGN 3-4 white paper/LPR248x3381964jpg
832DESIGN6   DATA BBB white paperA31964jpg
833DESIGN6 DATA A Series of Pattern layout section paper297x16601964jpg
834DESIGN6 DATA B   Design6:1964/1965Series of Pattern layout section paper297x16481964jpg
835 (no caption) Markov Chain Pattern in B/W white paper437x310jpg
836september white paper437x310jpg
837A (size and DIC color assignment) Markov Chain Pattern in 5 colors section paper260x290jpg
838B Markov Chain Pattern sketch in 5 colors section paper240x300jpg
839B (size and DIC color directions, 12 colors)
these color sample names are taken from 'ARBORITE'
Artificial Mondriansection paper370x310jpg
840C (assign the size and DIC colors)Markov Chain Pattern in 5 colors section paper360x310jpg
841NG(no good)Markov Chain Pattern sketch in 5 colors section paper 310x420jpg
842"for Plaza Dic" data G,H,I or 7,8,9   1970.8.26 coloring Series of Pattern layout section paper297x11801970jpg
8431970.8.26 coloring Series of Pattern layout section paper297x10971970jpg
844 color statistics 15 colors) section paperB4 jpg
845 (no caption 16colors) section paperB4 jpg
899IMAGE WORKS all 45 images (801-845) 1964-1970pdf

code Title substrate image(mm)yearfile
Series of Pattern
901Work No.5 (MSU, Zagreb)paper 286x10971967jpg
902Series of Pattern - flow (TAU Museum, Tokyo)
exhibited at Solo in Tokyo 1970[A04]
paper 1m x 10m1969photo
total production number of this series is not known. archived in ZKM Karlsruhe.
series of Artificial Mondrian
921Work No.7 (MSU, Zagreb)paper 396x3971966jpg
922an Artificial Mondrianpaper 1966jpg
923an Artificial Mondrianpaper 1966jpg
924Artificial Mondrians: pdf images are without color compensationpaper 1966pdf
925an Artificial Mondrianpaper 1966jpg
926an Artificial Mondrianpaper 1966jpg
total production number of this series is not known. archived in ZKM Karlsruhe and TAU museum, Tokyo.
series of Simulated Color Mosaic
941Simulated Color Mosaic (Musee d'art contemporain de Montreal)paper 1m x 1m x 101969jpg
941Aa Simulated Color Mosaic (reproduction: ZKM)paper 1m x 10m1969/2011jpg
942Simulated Color Mosaic (reproduction: TAU Museum, Tokyo)paper 1m x 4m(partial edition)1969/2006photo
943Simulated Color Mosaic (reproduction: ZKM, Karlsruhe)paper 1m x 10m1969/2011photo
944Red Treeserigraph 51x38cm1971jpg
945Work No.1 (MSU, Zagreb)paper 195x2001964jpg
971Boogieserigraph 570x5731973jpg
total production number of this series is not known. archived in ZKM Karlsruhe.
series of PDL Scenery
961a PDL Scenery (TAU Museum, Tokyo) 249x3501974
962a PDL Scenery (TAU Museum, Tokyo) 249x3501974
963a PDL Scenery (TAU Museum, Tokyo) 249x3501974
total production number of this series is not known. archived in ZKM Karlsruhe.
Relief works
981Informational Relief - Human face (TAU Museum, Tokyo)woodblock 249x350x1969jpg
982Informational Relief (ZKM, Karlruhe)woodblock 249x350x1969jpg
990Art Ex Machina, Red Tree 1971,   Gheerbrant gallery, Montreal           brochure1972jpg
Art ex machina, Six originals computer art serigraphs, Bardillo, Kawano, Knowlton, Mohr, Nake, Nees, With a statement by each artist and a text by Abraham A. Moles.. Montral: Gilles Gheerbrant ed., 1972. grand in-folio de 50.5 x 38 cm : 1 f. de titre, 2 f. de prsentation (franais et anglais) et 6 cahiers de 2 f. imprims contenant les 6 srigraphies. :: Tirage 200 ex. num. (no 197) Chaque srigraphie est numrote et signes par l'artiste : Manuel Barbadillo, Hiroshi Kawano, Ken Knowlton, Manfred Mohr, Frieder Nake et Georg Nees. HOULD 194. :: Ce fut tout un laboratoire, autant pour l'exprience "d'infographie" ralis avec des fiches perfores (key punch) que pour le travail en srigraphie dont c'tait les dbuts artistiques, excut par Pierre Foisy. :: Est-ce la fin de l'OEUVRE d'art ? : Moles believes that now any artist, by simple permutation of this most various semiotic material, is able to create not only new art works, but even new kinds of art! And, which is most significant - the needs in all the previous kinds of art is therefore vanished and abolished. (B.Galeyev - Computers and Art : Myths and Reality, 1991).
991The SDL Collection, Boogie 1973,   Systems Dimention Limited 1973(?)jpg
Artists: Manuel Barbadillo(Spain), Hiroshi Kawano(Japan), Kenneth Knowlton(USA), Manfred Mohr(France), Georg Nees(Germany), John Roy(USA), Zdenek Sykora(Czechoslovakia), Roger Vilder(Canada), Edward Zajec(Italy)